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Getting everyone out the door in the morning isn’t so hard. It’s getting everyone out the door on-time that’s hard. Undoubtably, this is the reason there are so many packaged breakfast foods.

When it comes to oatmeal, the instant kind that’s available in the *just add water* individual serving packet is too much of what I don’t want us eating. (Sorry Quaker, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em) Why do they put all that sugar in there anyway?

Additionally, “instant oatmeal” is unnecessary. You can make real oatmeal with plenty of diced real apple and make it while you’re asleep.

When I serve this breakfast, the morning is less hectic, but more than that;
I like the scent of it. Early in the morning, when I switch on the kitchen light, the scent of warm apples and cinnamon greets me. As if the Breakfast Fairy visited before sunrise.

In the morning, the first person in the kitchen has a very important job, remove the lid. The smell of apple and cinnamon fills the room—delightful.

Seriously you don’t need to do anything else. Breakfast is done, move on to something else.


Mix all the ingredients in a crock pot before you go to bed. Set temperature; Low.

1 cup steel cut oats (must be steel cut or Irish oats)

1 1/2 cup water

1 cup apple juice

1 cup half and half or milk

1 cup chopped apple ( or 1/2 cup dried apple)

1/8 cup brown sugar

1  Tbsp butter

1/2  tsp vanilla extract

1 Tbsp cinnamon


In looking for options to stay local, I noticed that you can get Steel cut oats from Michigan’s thumb:

Real Time Farms
Local Food and Local Farms
Gardener's Supply Company