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It’s too soon to know whether there is time for the peas and carrots to recover from the bunny incident. But our back door salad greens have been wonderful.
We’ve been picking the spinach and lettuce leaves as needed, leaving the plants intact. Although, there came a time when some of the plants were spent and/or producing seed. Those plants were removed to make space for new seeds to go into the soil. Leaving some mature plants provided shade for the new greens, which would have suffered in the strong sun and heat of June. It’s been a near perfect system. Of course without the 16oz jar of cayenne pepper, most assuredly the rabbits would have had ALL our greens.

A friend whose family has recently begun eating gluten free, shared this recipe with me. Any recipe with only two ingredient is certainly worth a try. Two ingredient! Sheesh, cold cereal is two ingredients.
Okay, mixing the batter couldn’t be simpler. But the flipping? Turning these pancakes was a skill test, and I failed. But my kids loved the pancakes, so I was going to have to learn how to flip them. I went back to my friend and told her how my kids praised her recipe. Then whined a little about the flipping. She reminded me that she had told me to use coconut oil on the griddle. I had not followed directions.

Yesterday our local Farmers Market opened for the season. I was able to buy farm fresh eggs. This morning I mixed four of those eggs with two ripe bananas. (yes, I know bananas are not local produce in MI) I spread a teaspoon of coconut oil on my cast iron griddle. I’d like to say the pancakes flipped as easily as traditional pancakes, but that would be a lie. The coconut oil made the job much easier, if you try this recipe use it. You will still hate me the first time you flip, keep practicing.


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 ripe bananas

Using a whisk, beat eggs and banana. instead of a whisk, I use my Vitamix; It incorporates some air into the batter and has a handy pour spout. Plus, I was probably going to get it out of the cupboard for smoothies anyway. Heat a griddle hot enough to make a drop of water dance. Oil the griddle with a teaspoon of coconut oil. When light brown, flip and brown the other side.

Isn’t this a wonderful idea for serving vegetables? I wish I had thought of it. Credit for this simple idea belongs to Aimee.

I still get a little nervous when I interject a real food idea into an established menu. Especially, a hot dogs and chips menu. So when I took these Crudité Cups to the Sunday School Picnic in the Park, I braced my self the possiblity that later that day I would be serving raw veggies for dinner.
I’m happy to say that I brought home only four cups. Just enough for tomorrows lunch bags.

What you can’t see in my photo is the 1/2 inch of buttermilk dressing at the bottom of each cup.

  • Drop a dollop of your favorite dressing into the bottom of each cup, then add the veggies.
  •  To keep the buttermilk dip and vegetables cool on a summer afternoon, I served the little cups from a sheet cake pan filled with ice.
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