My little patch of earth is in Michigan [mi], USA  Not the picturesque rolling hills and farm fields part. The urban part. The Michigan farmers might call me a Townie.

I blog about fostering a relationship between urban people and their local farmers. The relationship nourishes life for both.

My pages often contain healthy, whole food recipes. In my recipes I use the freshest ingredients available avoiding ingredients that are highly processed. Cooking for your family should be simple.

I’d  like to point out that most of the things I do are very easy, once you get them into your routine.  There’s so much I don’t do. Like ironing. And calling my friends. And reading novels.
The blog connects me with people who care about similar things, and the documents the things I’ve done right.



I work as a print designer. I log most of my work hours from my home computer. Six hours of the day, I devote  to “The Job”.

After my children come home from school, I’m simply their mom.

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