The kids approve of the new garden plan! –I think it was the tepee style trellis for the peas that sealed the deal.

The Holly bushes, perennial Iris, lilies and roses remain in their current location, we are just reshaping their beds.

I think these few beds are manageable.
If all goes as planned, we will be harvesting:
tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, peppers, carrots, peas, stawberries and raspberries. (though I’m fairly certain our raspberry plants will not produce many berries this season.)
I know the amount that we can produce is small. We’re not planting our vegetable beds to live off our land. We are growing for the pleasure and satisfaction of watching and nurturing our own plants. The kids will love picking pea pods, snapping them open and eating the sweet peas. In past seasons, they’ve tried to guess how many peas would be inside the pods; delighted when the are right. And equally delighted when they have severely underestimated.


What can we plant early in the Spring?
The new lettuce bed has was created almost a week ago. Spinach seeds can go in the ground earlier [How to Grow Spinach]. We’re anxious to get growing, so we’re turning our “Lettuce bed” into a “Spinach bed”.

I enriched the soil with a little fish emulsion for added nitrogen. The kids poked the tiny seeds into the soil. And now, we wait. In about 10 days, we should see our first little plants!

All vegetables need good soil conditions to support a good crop and discourage decease. Test kits are inexpensive and soil testing is simple.


Two sources for the “super cool” tepee trellis;

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