Now that I have four quart jars of peaches proccessing on the stove, I have time to post pictures of some beautiful Michigan, Red Haven Peaches. We had unusually hot weather in February, (it was 80º-crazy hot) now many Michigan growers are having a pitiful fruit harvest. I feel lucky to have 24 lbs. of beautiful peaches.
Canning instructions never include quantities that I find helpful. Some may say, “approximately 3-5 peaches per quart.” Clearly, size is the variable.
Here’s MY answer to, “how many should I buy?”, start with fifteen pounds. Fifteen pounds should yield 8 quart jars. Unless you’re a canning expert, or can get another set of hands, more than fifteen pounds at a time can be overwhelming.

My favorite resource for everything “canning”: Simply Canning

I keep a bowl of lemon spiked water nearby, for sections and slices of peach that are not suitable for canning; mostly little bruised areas. If the kids don’t eat the slightly imperfect, I’ll puree them and make freezer pops.

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