I’ve purchase three Sunbeam Food Mills. The first for myself, the other two as baby shower gifts.

When I was a new mom, I received a mill designed for baby food. I liked the idea of giving my son food that I had prepared in lieu of jar baby food, but the tiny food mill was a disappointment. The manner in which it tried to extrude food required that the food be cooked so soft that the back of a spoon did the job as well.

A kitchen food mill is different than a “baby food maker.” Sunbeam Food Mill can process many foods without cooking. Others, such as squash, potatoes and apples require only gentle steaming.

My son’s favorite food prepared in the mill was peas. Peas have a beautiful bright color and they’re sweet.…what’s not to like. Fresh peas were not in season when Jack began to eat solid foods, so his first peas were frozen/defrosted peas.

I liked to mill the peas as needed and discovered that I could process a small amount easily.

Single Serving Peas

  • Put 3/4 cup frozen peas in a food mill fitted with a fine sieve
  • Run peas under cool water to defrost
  • Set mill over a bowl or plate and turn handle both clockwise and counter-clockwise until much of what remains visible is the skins of the peas (over milling will break down the skins and push them through the sieve).

The flesh of the peas will collect on the under-side of the mill.
The resulting “pea paste” retains the color and nutrition of the peas and tastes wonderful.


Other foods I process for baby in a food mill :

Steamed carrots, winter squash, potatoes, and sliced apples,
also cooked pasta with sauce

Sliced Strawberries, Zucchini, ripe Peaches and Plums can be milled raw.


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