A friend whose family has recently begun eating gluten free, shared this recipe with me. Any recipe with only two ingredient is certainly worth a try. Two ingredient! Sheesh, cold cereal is two ingredients.
Okay, mixing the batter couldn’t be simpler. But the flipping? Turning these pancakes was a skill test, and I failed. But my kids loved the pancakes, so I was going to have to learn how to flip them. I went back to my friend and told her how my kids praised her recipe. Then whined a little about the flipping. She reminded me that she had told me to use coconut oil on the griddle. I had not followed directions.

Yesterday our local Farmers Market opened for the season. I was able to buy farm fresh eggs. This morning I mixed four of those eggs with two ripe bananas. (yes, I know bananas are not local produce in MI) I spread a teaspoon of coconut oil on my cast iron griddle. I’d like to say the pancakes flipped as easily as traditional pancakes, but that would be a lie. The coconut oil made the job much easier, if you try this recipe use it. You will still hate me the first time you flip, keep practicing.


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 ripe bananas

Using a whisk, beat eggs and banana. instead of a whisk, I use my Vitamix; It incorporates some air into the batter and has a handy pour spout. Plus, I was probably going to get it out of the cupboard for smoothies anyway. Heat a griddle hot enough to make a drop of water dance. Oil the griddle with a teaspoon of coconut oil. When light brown, flip and brown the other side.

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