My kids like burgers. They want meatballs in their pasta. I won’t  buy ground meats. We compromise,  everyone is happy.

All high quality, choice meat, from healthy animals.

I have nothing against serving burgers, as long as I control what they’re made from.

About six times a year I purchase a large quantity of chicken thighs.

I use my handy KitchenAid grinder to grind the chicken, and then I freeze the meat in serving-size packages, which keeps quit nicely in the freezer for up to six months. Though mine never stays in the freezer that long.




The reward for my effort will be healthier meat balls, chili, lasagna, and grilled burgers.

It’s Even In The News

Recent news stories like the Pink Slime in our store-bought hamburger have only served to reinforce my commitment to buying foods that give me a greater degree of control over what I feed my family. If you haven’t already seen this, you can watch the video, or read more here:

ABC News - Pink Slime In Our Hamburger




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