I really liked the stainless steel bento box; every one we had. “Had” because each of them has met an unpleasant end. Turns-out, if your backpack is unzipped and your metal box bounces down the stairwell, the lid is not going to fit correctly anymore; and, even with your name painted on the bottom, you can still lose it. This year, we have new  Food Boxes.

So far they are working-out pretty well. (I have my fingers crossed as I write this) The new box is from a Camp Outfitter. The box is ridged plastic – the microwavable type, though I never put ANY plastic in a microwave oven.

The ‘microwavable” distinction is important because all the really bad chemicals that turn up in plastic are not used in microwavable containers. It’s made of Polypropylene. It’s BPA-free and completely recyclable. The cost is under $10 – good, because without a gps chip, it can become permanently lost, and replacing it will be far less most bento boxes.

At 5″x 2″x 6.2″, I wish it were just a little larger. Cascadian makes a larger box (6.2″x 3″x 7.8″) – but at nearly 8″ long, I think I’d find it too large.

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