One day my son Jack announced, “Mom, I kinda do like cow milk.”

Up to this point, he had grown-up on Eden Soy soymilk, because, well, cow milk is for baby cows. Really there was more to my decision to serve the boys soy milk than just the fact that they were not little cows. But the baby cow line seemed to settle them on accepting the soy milk. It was logic that was hard to argue with. And every one seemed content until: “I kinda like cow milk.”

We still drink soy milk, but we drink “cow” milk too. Our dairy milk comes from Calder’s Dairy Farm.

If you have a preschool aged child in my town, more than likely you’ll get the opportunity to take a field trip Calder’s Dairy Farm. Whomever it was that surmised four year olds would dig visiting a real farm, was truly inspired.

Calder’s 140 cows are fed  a high quality, home grown forage and grain diet. You can meet some of the cows at the Calder family farm in Carleton Michigan. You can buy milk there and at their store in Lincoln Park (where the milk is bottled) . Luckily, Calder’s products are available at indie Markets too.

They have a super website and Facebook page. The site has a lot of information, a list of Markets, and pictures of the cows… including baby cows.

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