think bpa-free bowl and rice pudding


My oldest son loves the color orange, always has. His bike; orange. His coat, school supplies and toothbrush are all orange.

People think he is a Detroit Tiger fan, but he wears Detroit Tigers shirts because the are blue and orange!



So when I found these stainless steel containers I knew Jack would love them. The “think” message is a bonus.

Having said all that, this is not a frivolous purchase. I try to avoid little plastic sandwich bags. Instead I have a small collection of food-safe reusable containers.

These are pretty adorable bpa fee containers.

My son eats his lunch with his classmates, he’s nine, and an “adorable” container is not what he wants. But he and I both like this think bowl. It’s a nice size, has a snug but not too tight lid, it’s bpa and Bisphenol-A free, and it’s stainless steal. “Steel” rates very high with the guys.


Simple Rice Pudding

leftover brown rice

(about 2 cups, the amount doesn’t really matter)

soy milk

sugar or honey

Add cooked rice to a sauce pan. Add enough soy milk to completely cover the rice.

Cover cook on medium/low heat 30 minutes, stir occasionally.

If pudding becomes too thick, add additional milk. If pudding is thin, continue cooking uncovered to desired consistency.

Sweeten to taste.

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