Nearly every Spring, my kids and I enthusiastically attend our local perennial exchange. The kids love to “exchange.” We fill our red wagon with divided iris, hosta, coral bell, and anything else that is overgrowing it’s allotted space in the yard, and trade for things we think are interesting. This year we came home with Pussy Willow and Lambs Ear. Apparently our theme was “fuzzy.”

In addition to the perennial swap, the event hosts The Master Gardener Heirloom Tomato Sale. The growers are happy to share everything they know about each of the varieties. Because of their help, we’re confident we’ll be eating some yummy home-grown tomatoes in August, maybe sooner.

As we need to grow tomatoes in containers (for maximum sun), we only considered varieties that could thrive in containers (determinate). There is far more variety in “indeterminate” tomatoes than “determinate.” Or, at least this is true in my area. I could have been disappointed that Brandywine, Caspian Pink, and all the cherry size tomatoes were outside of my specific garden limitations; instead I found there were five, highly prized varieties that are suitable for my space. I brought home a Burbank Slicing and a Glacier.

It’s not too late to meet with the remarkable people passionate about growing and preserving heirloom plants. MGWWC – Master Gardeners of Western Wayne County supports additional sales this Spring:

May 19, 2012 | 9am – 1pm
Wayne County Extension Office parking lot
5454 Venoy Road, Wayne, Michigan

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