With the not-so-cold winter we’ve been having, my thoughts are turning to the coming spring – perhaps to be earlier this year than most.

There is a little strawberry patch in our back yard. No, that’s a lie. There are strawberries growing in our yard. That part is true. But, we can’t truly call it a patch. There are six plants. We don’t produce enough berries for a pie or even a single jar of jam. We could get an ample amount to top a bowl of Cheerios. Then our Cheerio breakfast would look just like the one on the box.

We could have that picture-perfect cereal bowl, if the kids could refrain from eating the berries as they ripen. In the spring the law seems to be: first guy out in the morning gets the berries. The boys have both defended their selfishness with the same excuse, “if we leave them too long, the birds and squirrels will eat them.” How can I argue with that?

They started picking and eating the berries when they were big enough to toddle across the lawn. I think having the strawberry plants has provided much more than just berries. They have given my boys wonder and surprise. They’ve learned to care for the plants and a little responsibility too. We’re still working on *sharing*

I’d like to add, my kids have also learned how a strawberry should taste. If  you only buy strawberries from a supermarket, there is a good chance you’ve been missing out. Some communities sponsor Farmers Markets. We are not lucky enough to have a year-round market in our community. But we do have a Spring till Fall market. Beginning in June, Strawberry season!

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