“Having finished off the young carrots, he set to work on the peas.” So begins my story of sadness and horror.

Not long after undertaking the disturbing task of “thinning” the carrot row, I found all the carrot plants were gone. (“disturbing,” because the task is nothing more than deciding which plants will live and which will die)

Seems a four inch high carrot plant is a treat for hungry bunnies. Also I can assume that a three inch carrot plant is unappetizing or not worth the effort.
I had set in place a small wire garden fence. It was meant as a deterrent really; the gaps between the wires were kind of large.

It’s early June, a little late to sow carrots. But I’m going to try. I have a jar of cayenne pepper that I suspect will be more effective than my little fence. Yep, I’m a meanie. But I didn’t start out this way; I was willing to share with the little flop ears. But the bunnies ate more then their share.

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