I bought these apples at the Farmers Market yesterday. Are they some of the ugliest apples you’ve ever laid eyes on? It’s okay- it’s doubtful these apples would appeal to anyone. In fact when I asked the grower what variety they were, she seem genuinely surprised by the question. Maybe because to her, they’re obviously Macintosh apples. Maybe because she’d decided that no one was going to be interested in her sad looking apples. I insisted I was serious; I wanted them for applesauce. (I’d like to add, she was also selling very nice Ida Red apples)

As I see it, applesauce is their destiny.

There is no sense peeling and slicing perfect apples for sauce, right?  So I bought all her ugly little apples for a price that made us both happy.

As I type, five pint jars of  no sugar needed applesauce are processing.  Would I seem self congratulatory if I said, I’m happy I was able to make something useful from unwanted apples?

(cost for each pint of homemade sauce is $1.40)

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