My son Jack, is the curator of what I call a Candy Museum. He maintains a box of holiday themed candies still in their wrappers. He loves the wrappers, they are colorful and shiny. Each has design and graphic images that remind him of a good time. He enjoys everything about candy with the exception of eating it.

My younger son Stevie, eats candy – as much of it as he can get. Did I mention the box housing the “Candy Museum” is a lock box?

While dredging chicken in breadcrumbs, Stevie, aka-the candy man, walks up behind me and says, “Can I have some candy?” I’m not sure if there was an audible sigh, but in my head there was a heavy sigh of defeat. I answered him with a sarcastic, “How about some grapes?” ”Okay.”

Wait!  What? Did he just say that he would except grapes lieu of candy? It was a fluke. But he was eating grapes not candy – I was pleased.

Days go by and the same scene plays out again. Again, the kid accepts fruit as an alternative to candy. I’m feeling pretty competent— I can do this!

Don’t get me wrong, Stevie still loves candy. But he doesn’t have it every time he asks, and that’s okay with both of us.

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